This is a list of my personal devices and preferred applications and services that I am currently using for development purposes.


Development Tools

  • I consider this as the GOAT fot its various plugin extensions, built-in git repository tracking and integrated terminal. Personally I prefer the default dark theme.

  • My go-to DBMS when managing database for its intuitive and sleek design. Its cross-platform compatibility ensures seamless usage across multiple operating systems.

  • A must have tool for every developer. This platform eliminated my need for complex virtualization, simplifying the process of setting up my development environment.

  • Another must have tool for every developer. This API platform allows me to efficiently build and test APIs during development, streamlining the creation process and enhancing productivity.

  • This version control platform is where I store all of my source codes, ensuring version history is tracked and safeguarded. I don't know what I would do without it.

  • Chrome, Safari, Edge, Fire and Opera Web Browsers

    I mainly use Chrome for browsing on all my devices. Other browsers are for debugging purposes as different browsers have their respective set of behaviors.

Hosting Services

  • This is my chosen platform for deploying the majority of my core projects. Its scalability and containerization abilities makes deployment to be effortless.

  • This is my preferred hosting platform to show project demonstration. The effortless deployment process and most importantly free tier perfectly suits all my requirements.

  • I host most of my static projects on Github Pages including this site. Deployment can be done easily by simply pushing my code into the repository.

Notable Applications

  • Simple but exceptional design tool that I rely on for wireframing, prototyping, and even logo creation. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it easy to bring my design ideas to life.

  • Note-taking application that I use for organizing my thoughts, planning my next steps, and keeping track of important information. I have this installed on all my devices.

  • I code better algorithms while listening to music. I find that listening to synthwave, lofi, and trance genres create the perfect ambiance for programming.